FPM Group is able to make complete rebuilding and modernization of presses and machines in the field of metal forging and forming, restoring the original operational conditions with replacement of worn parts, disassembly and repair of the key machine components with subsequent adjustment and testing.

A machine overhauled and rebuilt by FPM is fully comparable to a new machine.

Since back to the first days of our company, we have been overhauling and supplying hundreds of stamping and forging machines every year.

Thanks to this expertise we know all the features, differences and advantages of the machine of the main manufacturers in the market, and thus a machine overhauled and rebuilt by FPM is fully comparable to a new machine.

The overhauling may be conducted on complete groups or individual presses, in the FPM Groups’s premises or at the customer location. We upgrade the safety features of the forging machines, granting the alignment with the latest international labour safety regulations.

Through the retrofitting activity it is possible not only to restore the original performances of the forging machine, but also to apply the latest technological innovations or modify the functionality of the machine to satisfy the changing needs of the customer’s production. With a tailored service, we modernize the machine and improve the manufacturing performances of our customer's plant.

  • mechanical checkup
  • replacement of worn or broken parts
  • overhauling and replacement of electric systems and softwares
  • overhauling and replacement of new hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
  • painting
  • introduction of safety devices to comply with International Standards (CE conformity)
  • testing and commissioning
What's included in the overhauling?
Nut and screw for friction screw presses