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The history of a leading family company

The story of FPM group started in January 1986 and since the first times it was characterized by innovation attitude and a particular attention to the evolving technologies and standards.

We are the perfect partner for any forging and stamping company, putting our experience at the service of the customer.

  • 1986The beginning

    In 1986 Eugenio Faini, backed by its passion for mechanical works, decides to found its own company to rebuild power presses.

    Early its family start working with him. In short time the small craftsman shop gain a reputable market position, enlarge the customer base despite the crisis of the mechanical industry in late 80’s.

  • 1990The growth of the 90’s

    The first plant becomes quickly too small for the growing business, so all the activities are moved to the current plant in Calcinato, with 22.000 sqm of surface and 10.000 roofed sqm.

    Indeed in 1990 the company employs already 15 skilled people, reaching 25 units in 1995, when it also started manufacturing brand-new machines.

  • 2000Foreign markets

    The company starts getting more and more into the segment of hot forging of metals, its brand proudly shows up during exhibitions, and begins also the exporting business towards European countries.

    FPM group was able to keep alive, gaining international market shares also in countries such as South Korea, Thailand, India, USA, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, and preparing for another important transformation.

  • 2001The acquisition of Farm Brass

    The growth strategy restart with the partial acquisition of the company FARM BRASS, acquiring specific know-how in the field of furnaces for hot forging and heat treatment of brass and aluminum.

    The company growth allowed to develop high level skills in terms of supply of machines and related services, towards any type of customer and without geographic borders. The solutions cover a lot of different needs in the forging and stamping industry.

    In the same years a sales office has been opened in Turkey.

  • 2011Automatic manufacturing

    In 2011 FPM celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Group’s born.

    To ameliorate the efficiency of the spare parts service, FPM Group installs a vertical automated warehouse, to grant a quick response to any spare part need. FPM Group bets on automation to improve its internal manufacturing processes. While keeping a family footprint, FPM Group is recognized as reference point in the international marketplace for the supply of new and rebuilt presses for metal deformation.

  • 201630 years of FPM

    In 2016 FPM Group celebrates 30 years of activity and look forward at the future with the same spirit of innovation.