We engineer your manufacturing solution

Our customers continuously face new challenges to develop new products, or enter new market segments and start a new line of forged parts manufacturing. This phase implies a series of questions and choices to take, and on the related answers depend the profitability and sustainability of the investment.

In FPM the engineering and R&D department is guided by the vast hands-on expertise in the field of hot forging solutions design, to which we add the passion and willingness to give solutions, manufacturing concepts, to suggest modifications and realize, test, ameliorate them.

We are thus now considered full-stack technological partners, able to respond to industrialisation needs for specific products, for their forged components.

The task of finding the best manufacturing solution in terms of process feasibility and return on investment, in co-engineering with our customers, represents a great added value factor for the success of both parties.

Here we list some of the products for which we have supplied forging manufacturing solutions:

Complete manufacturing lines

During our company history we have succesfully engineered the most diverse manufacturing lines in the field of hot forging of metals, from the cut of the bar to the billet’s pre-forming, from the automations for loading and unloading to the automatic greasing and lubrication of the forging dies, from the de-flashing trimming to surface finishing.
Sometimes this means the design of brand-new equipment, conceived to overcome any issue, raise productivity, fix quality or profitability problems, and the success of such operations is what makes us proud and full of satisfaction.

Forging plants
Friction screw presses

Research & Developement

In FPM, Innovation means a fundamental element for its industrial model, and one of the key strategic levers. Thanks to the ability to keep the pace of the evolution of the industry, the company has been able to reach excellent results, bringing technical and manufacturing solutions among the most advanced on the market.

The R&D department in FPM works on three different guidelines across industrial developing, technological innovations and know-how exchange:

We can design special presses and complete "turnkey" lines.
Design and manufacturing of mechanical presses, used presses for sale Italy

Solid experiences

We can design special presses and complete “turnkey” lines, following a project from the beginning of industrialization of the product, through optimization of the production cycle to the commissioning at the customer’s plant.

Technical office

The technical office makes use of the most advanced software tools in the field of technical drawing. Applications for the mechanical design of components allow to create 3D parametric models and to carry out, in an associative way, the dynamic analysis and calculation of structural verification of every single part. Specifically, the installed system consists of workstations Autodesk “Product Design Suite”.

Presses for stamping and forging metals