Complete sheet
stamping lines

For sheet cold stamping, FPM manufactures complete lines, including coils of strips feeding.

Each line can be designed including presses with single or double rods, with progressive dies or transferized, for deburring, drawing, coining and punching.

Decoiler / Aspo svolgitoreStreightnerFeederPress

Line example

Aspo decoilers

Starting from a sheet coil, we are able to supply the decoilers that better meet the productive needs, both motorized or not.


In order to streighten and beaden the material, we can supply automatic streightening machines, with opposing rollers, for coil thickness up to 8 mm.


To advance the material we are able to supply pneumatic or electronic belt feeders, with controlled advancement.

C-frame presses

We manufacture and overhaul C-frame presses from 40 to 350 ton, with accessories such as cushions and blank-holders, in order to perform trimmings, drawings and punchings.

Mechanical presses

40 years of work lead us to overhaul presses from all the most famous presses manufacturer for hot forging. This overhauling activity allowed us to experiment, study and improve all the different productive solutions on the market, and subequently to gain a huge technical background even in the manufacturing of completely new presses, and to apply important improvements in case of overhauled machines, installing accessories and new systems, designed on the needs of each single customer and single machine. The acquisition of COPRESS company in 2021 also made it possible to strenghten the technological offer with C-frame presses or H-frame pressses, with one ore two connecting rods, and working tables that can reach 5000 mm lenght.

H-frame presses

We manufacture and overhaul H-frame presses from 100 to 4000 ton, with single or double connecting rod, with classical mechanical transmission or with servo-drive, with accessories such as cushions and blank-holders, in order to perform trimmings, drawings (even deep) and punchings.

Dies and equipments

In cooperation with customers, where required, we can supply forging and trimming dies, developed on specific equipments needs.

Loading and unloading automations

On the presses can be installed supervised sheet feeding systems, both transfer and progressive.

Software and automation and supervision systems

In our systems we always create both the electrical system and the programming of the PLCs and line management and supervision software.