Used presses for sale: the refurbishing process in FPM Group

Used presses for sale: the refurbishing process in FPM Group

Used presses for sale: how to refurbish one

In order to obtain a a high-quality used forging press for sale, FPM Group grants a professional refurbishing, that starts after the machinery has reached our plant, we proceed with the complete dismantling and to the cleaning of the different parts and the frame, and the overhauling can start.

The refurbishing process:

  • All the components are analyzed with penetrating liquids into the critical points.
  • All the broken parts or pieces that are too much worn will be replaced.
  • An examination by the ultrasounds is performed on the eccentric shaft, in case there are some cracks it will be replaced.
  • Concerning the bearings they will be usually replaced, and only few special bearings will be refurbished.
  • About the bushings it does not matter how is the wear state, they will be replaced in any case with new bronze at high sliding.
  • The ram will be bored completely in order to restore the original parallelism.
  • The table of the press will be bored in order to restore the original working table.
  • The guides are realized in bronze with special machining for the seal of the lubricant.
  • New points of lubrication and control of temperature are realized.
  • New disks are manufactured for both the brake and the clutch with the application of new brake linings studied for the specific type of press.
  • Usually the electric motors are replaced, only in case of special motors with high powers, they will be overhauled.
  • The electric systems are realized in-house in order to grant a good after sale assistance service to our customers, and a good availability of the spare parts.

All the components can be bought easily on the local market because the products that are used are from famous brand manufacturers, leaders on international markets.

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Just to make a summary of our presentation, we would like to assure our potential customer that a mechanical press refurbished by FPM has the same features, both mechanical and as per the systems, that one is looking for in a brand-new press, and the only risk that could be run it is to save a lot of money that could be invested for completing the forging line.

Here a sample of a press refurbished by FPM Group