Used forging press: the 5 steps we perform to choose one

Used forging press: the 5 steps we perform to choose one

Due to the market situation and to face the increasing number of customers that keep on asking forging presses at low prices but with guaranteed reliability, our company have thoroughly developed the process of refurbishing of presses addressed to the hot forging industry.

Is it possible to guarantee high quality in a used forging press?

The possibility to have a hot used forging press, granted by a serious company, but with low outlay of money has became a good opportunity for a great number of users to be able to keep their position of market competitiveness along with reliability in the supply of forged parts. Indeed a low purchasing price is translated into a low mortgage rate and as a consequence to a lower cost for the same forged product.

As many users know, the hot forging market has developed very slowly in the last decades. Nowadays there are some 30/40 years old used hot forging machines that are still working and they are performing a good job. This is a situation that has few equal in other fields in the metal working industry, therefore it is ideal to bring machines that are not so young back to a good performance.

Difference between brand new and used presses

So, there is not much difference in production if we compare brand new and used forging presses. Some forgers are against using second hand machines, above all for lack of trust in the supplier. In this market situation, our company is able to offer to the steel forging factories its own experience for the sale, refurbishing and the installation of presses all around the world.

Today many Asian as well as European customers are ready to show that a forging press that has been professionally refurbished doesn't have anything less of a new press. In order to perform refurbishing operations that can enable to compete with new machineries is absolutely important to have specialized and skilled people with great experience for choosing the right method and the materials to be used, such as special steel as well as suitable bronze.

In our case refurbishing an used forging press means:

  • New electric system
  • New pneumatic systems
  • New lubrication system

So, talking about the “systems” there is no difference between a refurbished press and a new press.

The 5 steps to choose a used forging press to be overhauled

Now we will underline which are the important elements for our company in the choice of the presses that will be proposed to our customers:

  1. Good general state
  2. From a well known and reliable forger
  3. Realized with simple technology
  4. Great opportunity to be re-sold
  5. Easy price comparison with the new one.

When these parameters are satisfied we proceed to the purchase without still having a final customer.

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A sample of a press overhauled by FPM Group