FPM is the leader in manufacturing and overhauling presses and full production lines in the field of hot forging and cold stamping of metals.
One of the first companies to adopt automation as a central driver of productivity, since 1986 we have been growing, year by year, always innovating and using the latest technologies, in order to offer added value manufacturing solutions to our customers, worldwide.

Company profile

Being leader is not a present, but a position that you have to gain day by day, with steady commitment, reliability and honesty.

We have started our activity repairing presses in our region, when the contracts were concluded by handshake. Now, after 30 years of activity, we sell and install presses all around the world as demonstrated by our references.



In FPM, Innovation means a fundamental element for its industrial model, and one of the key strategic levers.
Thanks to the ability to keep the pace of the evolution of the industry, the company has been able to reach excellent results, bringing technical and manufacturing solutions among the most advanced on the market.



FPM Group is able to make complete rebuilding of presses and full lines in the field of hot forging and cold stamping of metals, restoring the original operational conditions with replacement of worn parts, disassembly of the key machine components with subsequent adjustment and testing.


Spareparts and Servicing

A correct maintenance, prompt and timely technical assistance and fast delivery of spare parts play a vital role in the economic return of the plants of our customers around the globe.
In response to these needs, FPM Group offers also an after sales servicing made by highly skilled professionals directly at the plant of the customer or through PC-based remote controls with the aim to grant operational continuity.